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Our company is a professional casting enterprise, and it is located near the Qing Tombs and Lang Ya Mountain in Yi county, Hebei province, which is home to Jing Ke. It is 150 km away from Beijing airport, 240 kilometers away from Tianjin Port, 100 km from Laiyuan Steel factory and only 1 km away from No.112 national highway, thus enjoying a unique geographical advantage.

Our company mainly produces ductile iron, gray cast iron manhole covers and grates in accordance with EN124 Standard; besides, we also produce the cast iron products such as pipe fittings, auto parts, road pile of and so on. Our company has two specialized foundry, a set of resin sand production line, a set of simple molding line, use electric furnace production. The area for working is 5,000 square meters, and the company employs more than 180 workers. We have a strong production capacity with an annual production of more than 10,000 tons of castings. Our company has rich experience in export, and the products are mainly exported to Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Cyprus, Russia, Middle East and other countries and regions. Our company for the covers and gratings have rich experience in production and design, and participated in drafting the standards of the Foundry Association <Ductile iron manhole covers grate and attachment>,this standard has been implemented in February 28,2017.

Our company has complete detective measures, and we have advanced testing machine with universal strength of 60 tons, fully automatic presses of 150 tons, 1 / 10000 Analysis of scales, digital microscope, chemical fast analyzer, Blast-furnace Rapid CE analyzers, thermocouples thermometer. The laboratory has passed the Three leveled laboratory assessment held by State Committee of Science and Technology for National Defense and Industry, so we can fully meet the needs of customers.

In quality management, we have passed the ISO9001: 2000 and EN124: 1994 ,and obtained certificates, and the audits are examined by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co.,Ltd. The two certificates in turn strengthened the company's quality management system. We have strong technical strength, and strict management system. The people with secondary educational level or above account for more than 90% management staff, and some college, undergraduate education with young age are serving at important positions. All these have fully demonstrated the vitality and impact of the company's spirit of the times.

Under the big context of China's accession to WTO, we make every effort to adapt to a market economy, and follow the quality policy of "customer first, high quality and efficiency, and obey promises", in order to better serve customers. We sincerely Welcome friends to our company for visit and inspection.

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